Hi, I was wondering if anyone of you here have encountered a Car Stereos sold from China by a company Eonon and also SZENCO, that runs on both on Windows CE and another sold with Android OS. I have been looking at is the Enco B046 Android OS, and B146 Windows CE, which is a car stereo for a BMW 3 series. They both have GPS, WIFI, DVD, MP3, Iphone, Aux, DVB, but no interface for Satellite Radio.
In the forums for BMW E46 fanatics, they have evaluated the B046 quite extensively, but no one has ever posted the ability to root or exploit the OS to either improve some of the issues that system has. I'm interested in these system because it has an Android OS or Windows CE. Android because seems of the new development for USB host control of peripherals. It seems there has been a lot of development in this field. Windows CE because it already has the ability to perform with USB host control but the loaded front end software does not seem to be able to utilize the USB as a host controller. Essentially, my goal is to use this B046, or B146, root it, install Centrafuse and use the USB to control a MJS SCC1 controller to get Sirius XM satellite radio.
Thanks for your input

Hardware items would be the 1) Eonon or B146, Windows CE 2) MJS-SCC1 USB host controller for Sirius XM satellite radio
Software items would be 1) Windows CE 2) MJS-SCC1 driver 3) Centrafuse for Windows CE